Friday, 15 July 2011

If somebody loves you, will they always love you ???

while working the other day, I was listening to the Whitney Houston track "Where do broken hearts go" and for some reason the minute she said the words "If somebody loves you, will they always love you ???"   And  i suddenly thought......that right there is a deeply valid question!

****(yes yes sometimes i listen to sappy songs but you cant deny the fact that that generation of singers SANG SONGS. Not sure what we do these days..perhaps "Make Music")...anyways moving on.........****

If somebody loves you, will they always love you?? i asked this question on facebook and realized alot of people   think about it enough to come up with varied scenarios why it is or isnt possible. Some attribute the 'maybe's' to change in personality and situations which could have an effect on whether or not you stay in love. Some others think it is possible because Love is choice but i must say, i think my favourite response was "Somethings are not meant to change"! ..........#Light bulb moment: Why are somethings not meant to change?

Love is a very many splendid things and it can be amazing if reciprocated but ultimately, Love is a constant choice. You make it every minute, with every word, with every thought, with every action or series of actions and most importantly, if done right, you dont even realize when you make the choice, it just comes naturally.

But what makes the question so profound and debatable is the fact that the question is never personalized.  (There's no need to ask yourself the question because you already know your personal answer)..However...the fact that you can never be sure of someone elses emotional depth or choice or actions is the reason why a question such as "if somebody loves you, will they always love you" packs a mean punch! Lets be honest, you wouldnt be asking the question if the person wasn't important to you enough for you to want to know the answer.

BUT PEOPLE CHANGE someone might argue! LIFE CHANGES THINGS i hear someone screaming! EMOTIONS ARE FICKLE someone spills out! CHANGE HAPPENS i hear a whisper!

 Truth is, change occurs! With every new piece of information we learn everyday we have subtle or earth moving changes that occur in our mindsets which affect our behaviour and ultimately could lead to positive or negative changes in the way people interact with us but here's the deal breaker! When you KNOW someone ...the kind of knowing that lets you into their central system. The values on which their character is formed, the loops they go through before a sentence is formed and how many different ways a simple word they utter can be interpreted because YOU KNOW THEM.! Isn't that arguably one of the reasons someone could tell you "they would always love you and you would believe it?"..

Actions vary, speech changes, behaviours shift but like a tree planted firmly in the dont change the roots on which your tree is formed however you go through seasons of changes where old leaves fall off and new ones show up to take their place..where branches break and another one prepped to make up for space............................ isnt it true that people discover themselves with everyday that goes by?

Truth is, i am aware that sometimes people change in directions different from the reasons we loved them in the first place and also, people through actions and lack of thoughtfulness assassinate your choice to love them but assuming none of that is the case..... i do believe that if somebody loves you, it is possible for them to always love you......especially if they love YOU the root and make updated choices to love YOU the branches and YOU the leaves.....

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